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Important Message from the Chief of Police

April 20, 2017

Help Us Stop Vandalism, Harassment, and Unlawful Activity by Groups of Teens

Recently members of a large group of teenagers that congregate at various locations or roam throughout the Borough have engaged in unlawful activity to include obstructing public passages, vandalism, littering, loitering, bullying, harassment, threats and assaults. Groups on bikes play chicken with moving vehicles, block the roadway, and curse at motorists who challenge them.

This unacceptable behavior disrupts the quality of life that all Eddystone residents deserve and expect and it will not be tolerated. Please be advised that in consultation with Borough Council and Mayor Reeves, additional police resources will be directed to properly address all incidents of unacceptable behavior and those found to be in violation of any laws will be prosecuted fully.

Maintaining peace and harmony in the Eddystone community is our number one priority. We encourage all residents to call police to report any criminal activity.

– Chief Edward Mokshefsky, Eddystone Police Department

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