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Citizen Committee Assignments

(As of 04/14/2014)


Lou Torres – President
Darlene Jones – Vice-President
Teresa Corcoran – Treasurer
Amy Reilly – Secretary
Christine Groy
Barbara Rowels
Caitlin Reilly
Allen Reeves III
Ed Butkus

Meets: Monthly – Third Tuesday of every month @ 7 PM (LHH)

Recreation Board Objectives

The objectives of the Eddystone Borough Recreation Board are to:
Build Character:

  • by teaching participants how to get along with others in a cooperative team activity
  • by promoting a competitive spirit that is constructive in nature
  • by presenting opportunities to learn how to stand tall and overcome adversity
  • by showing how individuals can adhere to a set of rules that benefit an entire group
  • by teaching the values of fairness and sportsmanship in real-time situations
  • by building self-esteem based upon team and individual achievements

Build Community:

  • by giving the participants a sense of belonging to a community
  • by demonstrating how civic activity can produce a program that benefits an entire community
  • by presenting an opportunity for children to meet and build friendships
  • by presenting an opportunity for parents to meet and get to know one another
  • by building a wider community by interacting with teams from other towns
  • by creating team accomplishments that are a source of pride for everyone living in the borough

Promote Physical Activity and a Healthy Lifestyle:

  • because skills acquired by participating in sports and summer camp can help shape the activities of participants outside of the formal programs throughout their later life

Programs and Activities Administered by the Recreation Board:

  • Boys and Girls Basketball and Baseball Leagues
  • Summer Camp
  • Senior Luncheon
  • Annual Santa Toy Giveaway
  • Annual Easter Egg Hunt
  • Memorial Day Parade and Fireworks

The Eddystone Borough Recreation Board was established under Ordinance No. 428 and later amendments. The board is composed of nine borough residents appointed by Borough Council for four-year terms with one member’s term expiring annually. When a vacancy occurs, Borough Council will appoint a replacement to serve out the vacated term of office. The members of the Recreation Board shall select their own Chairman and Secretary and select all other necessary officers who serve for a period of one year, and may employ such persons as may be needed. The Recreation Board shall have power to adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of all business within its jurisdiction. The Recreation Board may expend monies for the purposes of maintaining and operating recreation places, but such expenditures are not to exceed the annual appropriation provided by Council for that purpose. The Recreation Board is overseen by Borough Council’s Committee for Recreation and Parks.

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William Stewart – Chair
Charles Cowan
Herb Wright
Judy Gross
David Bennett
Tom Reilly
Meets: As-needed basis

Civil Service Commission Objectives

The Civil Service Commission of Eddystone Borough is dedicated to using a Merit System of hiring, retaining and promoting employees based on their qualifications and abilities. The Commission is responsible for hiring qualified candidates who have proven through testing and interviews that they will deliver quality service to the community. The Civil Service Commission is also committed to building a workforce that reflects the diversity of our society.Finally, the Civil Service Commission is charged with regulating the working conditions and protecting the employment rights of civil service employees

In Eddystone Borough, the Civil Service Commission controls the hiring and promotion process for Full-Time officers in the Police Department. Other employees in the Borough do not have the merit protection that is provided in the Civil Service Commission hiring process.

By law, the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania requires all boroughs with three or more police officers to have civil service commissions for the appointment, promotion, discharge, suspension and demotion of these employees. The Eddystone Civil Service Commission consists of three commissioners and three alternate commissioners. All are qualified electors of the Borough and are appointed to 6-year terms of office. Any vacancy occurring in the commission for any reason whatsoever must be filled by the Borough Council within thirty days of when the vacancy occurs.

Each member of the Civil Service Commission, before entering upon the discharge of the duties of their office, must take an oath or affirmation to support the Constitution of the United States and of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania and to perform their official duties with fidelity. No civil service commissioner shall receive compensation.

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Dave Paterson
Tina Torres
Todd Miller
Meets: As-needed basis

Board of Health

The Board of Health is comprised of three borough residents appointed by the Eddystone Borough Council to serve 5-year terms of office. The primary role of the Board of Health is to oversee the activities of the Health Officer.

Under the direction of the Board of Health, the Health Officer is responsible for enforcing all health laws, ordinances, rules and regulations. It is also the Health Officer’s job to prosecute the abatement of nuisances detrimental to the public health. It is the duty of Health Officer to make sanitary inspections of the streets, alleys and premises in the Borough at such times as the Board of Health may direct and to report to the Board of Health all nuisances detrimental to public health. The Health Officer will serve all notices of abatement issued by the Board of Health and perform other duties regarding the abatement of nuisances as the Board of Health may direct. When executing the orders of the Board of Health, the Health Officer will have the power and authority of a policeman.

The duties of the Health Officer are specified in Eddystone Borough Ordinance No. 358.

Eddystone Borough’s health regulations are specified in Ordinance No. 593.

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Scott Berkau – Chair
Clint Fromal
Patrick Caffeey
Meets: As-needed basis

Zoning Hearing Board Objectives

Zoning laws are intended to ensure that land is put to use in the manner which best suits it. Zoning can protect the value of property by assuring that incompatible uses will be kept apart. Zoning can keep factories out of residential areas and prevent the building of new homes in areas that will be regularly flooded. Intelligent zoning also promotes the public health and safety, as well as generally providing for more orderly development. Finally, good zoning regulations can be important in attracting business and industry to an area.

All land in the Borough of Eddystone falls into one of the following categories:

R-1 Medium Density Residential District
R-2 Medium – High Density Residential District
R-3 High Density Residential District
I Institutional District
NB Neighborhood Business District
GB General Business District
LI Light Industrial District
HI Heavy Industrial District
PCO Planned Commercial/Office District
IHCO Industrial Heritage Corridor Overlay District

The Eddystone Borough Zoning Hearing Board was established under Ordinance No. 438 and its amendments. The Zoning Hearing Board shall have the powers and duties provided under the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code of 1968. The Board consists of three members appointed by the Borough Council who serve 3-year terms.

Functions of the Zoning Hearing Board:

  • To hear appeals where it is alleged that zoning regulations are not misapplied.
  • To hear appeals regarding the actions of the borough building inspector.
  • To grant special exceptions to zoning regulations subject to certain criteria and the law.
  • To hear challenges to the validity of an ordinance or the zoning map.
  • To hear requests for variances where it is alleged that the provisions of this chapter inflict unnecessary hardship on the applicant.

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Kelly Ann Butkus – Chair
Meets: As-needed basis

Vacancy Board Objectives

The Vacancy Board is established under the Pennsylvania laws that govern how boroughs are established and administered. If a vacancy occurs on Borough Council, its members have thirty days to appoint a new council member to fill that vacancy. If, for any reason whatsoever, the Borough Council fails to take action to fill any vacancy within thirty days, then appointment must be made by Vacancy Board within fifteen additional days. The board shall consist of the borough council exclusive of the mayor, and one registered elector of the borough who shall be appointed by the borough council at the council’s first meeting each calendar year who shall act as Vacancy Board Chair.

To put it simply, Borough Council appoints an individual who is registered to vote in Eddystsone to lead the Vacancy Board as the chairperson. If Borough Council does not act to fill a vacancy on council within thirty days, the Vacancy Board Chair (who represents the citizens) convenes a Vacancy Board comprised of the members of council and the chair who then appoint someone to fill the vacancy. The Vacancy Board Chair exists to require action from Borough Council and be the deciding vote if Borough Council is deadlocked. In actual practice, the Borough Council will usually act in a timely manner, and the Vacancy Board will never need to be convened.

The Vacancy Board Chair is appointed to a 3-year term of office.

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Bob Gliem – Chair
Danielle Thompson
Bill Stanton
Kathy Blankley
Dan Arrison
Allen Reeves, III
Meets: Quarterly – First Wednesday in March, June, September & December @ 6 PM (BH)

Public Safety Committee Objectives

This Committee is charged with promoting public safety by:

  • Encouraging community members to take an active role in the safety and security of our community
  • Educating residents about how to enhance their own personal safety and security as well as that of the community as a whole
  • Serving as a mechanism for sharing information about issues that affect the safety and security of our community
  • Serving as a liaison between the community and law enforcement.

Specific duties and responsibilities of Public Safety Committee would include:

  • Actively recruiting members of the community to participate in the Borough of Eddystone sponsored Neighborhood Watch
    Development of a Citizens Police Academy to help educate residents on the policies and procedures of police work and develop a working relationship between our officers and members of the community
  • Provide input to the Chief of Police; Fire Marshal; and Chair of the Police & Emergency Management Committee regarding various local and/or regional public safety and emergency preparedness related topics of interest to residents and business owners
  • Aid in the distribution of Borough approved notices and other informational materials to members of the public and community organizations to promote public safety and emergency preparedness educational and training programs
  • Actively recruit members of the public, groups, organizations and neighborhood associations to host various educational public safety and emergency preparedness trainings and presentations

The Public Safety Committee shall consider matters affecting public safety in the Borough. The Public Safety Committee shall review all proposed amendments to Eddystone Borough codes and ordinances that have a bearing on public safety including, but not limited to, those concerning the public peace, morals, welfare, vehicles and traffic. The Public Safety Committee consists of six members appointed by the Borough Council to 6-year terms.

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Danby Paterson
Glen Wilson
Ed Butkus
Amy Reilly
Carrie Stone
Meets: Biannually – Last Tuesday in March & September @ 6 PM (BH)

Planning Commission Objectives

The Eddystone Borough Planning Commission is responsible under state statute for preparing and adopting a Borough Master Plan and for reviewing land use development within Eddystone Borough. The Planning Commission is charged with reviewing subdivisions, site plans, planned development, conditional uses and certain variances. The Planning Board also reviews and recommends revisions to land use ordinances to the Borough Council.

More broadly speaking, members of the Planning Commission are chosen to be good stewards of the resources within our community. It is our responsibility to develop those resources in the best interest of the citizens; to preserve and promote a safe environment; and to make the borough a pleasant place in which to live. One of our key goals is to attract new homeowners and businesses to the borough while keeping taxes low and improving real estate values.

The Eddystone Borough Planning Commission was established under Ordinance No. 404 and its amendments. Under this ordinance, the members of the Planning Commission are also appointed to the Zoning Commission. The Planning Commission shall have the powers and duties provided under the Pennsylvania Municipalities Planning Code of 1968.

The Planning Commission consists of five members appointed by the Borough Council to 4-year terms. The members of the Planning Commission shall select their own Chairman and Secretary and select all other necessary officers to serve for a period of one year and, with the approval of the Borough Council, may employ such persons as may be needed. The Commission shall have power to adopt rules and regulations for the conduct of all business within its jurisdiction.

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Beth Gross
Theresa Corcoran
Sharon Martin
Stan Sigda
Claire Wilson
Meets: Biannually – Last Tuesday in March & September @ 8 PM (BH)

Historical Society

The purpose of the Eddystone Borough Historical Society shall be

  • To preserve the memory of events connected with the history of the Borough of Eddystone and of individuals who may have resided there
  • To serve as guardian of our community’s history
  • To preserve any artifacts of our community’s history
  • To inform and educate Eddystone residents and others regarding the history of our community and of how contemporary Eddystone Borough is the result of past events, circumstances and actions

Members of the Historical Society are appointed to 5-year terms by the Borough Council.

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Darlene Jones – Chair
Danby Paterson
Christine Groy
Josephine Tatasciore
Meets: As-needed basis

Youth Aid Panel Objectives

Center for Resolutions, a division of Community Dispute Settlement Program of Delaware County, was founded by a few staff members of the Testimony and Concerns Committee of the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting of the Society of Friends (Quakers) in 1976. They began to observe the court system and noticed that neighborhood and family cases coming before the District Judges often did not get resolved. When they saw the challenges faced by the judges they searched for another way to find more satisfying resolutions. Working with the Bar Association, they developed a mediation program. In 1981, Community Dispute Settlement Program was spun off from the Philadelphia Yearly Meeting as an independent organization primarily offering mediation services.

Today, our Youth Aid Panel Program provides juvenile offenders with an opportunity to go before a panel of trained community members. Together, they create a resolution which holds the juvenile offenders accountable for their actions, encourages them to make amends, includes an educational component and often recommends community service.

How the Process Works:

  1. The Referral – The police department offers the young offender the opportunity to go before a group of trained panelists instead of court.
  2. The Panel Session – The panel meets with the family and the youth together. The session is a voluntary and confidential process. If the offense involves a victim, the victim is invited to meet privately with the panel to discuss the offense and their input may help the panel form the resolution.
  3. The Resolution Contract – The panel does not decide guilt or innocence. The panel develops a program of community service, educational activities, or other forms of paying back to the community. Restitution (if needed) is handed by the local police department not the panel. Each resolution is customized to the offense and abilities of the individual. The youth signs a contract promising to complete the resolution.
  4. Completion – When the resolution is completed, the panel and the youth meet again to discuss the experience and the panel will recommend that no criminal record be kept about the offense. If for any reason the youth fails to complete the resolution or commits another offense, the case is returned to the police department.

The Benefits

  • The juvenile and his or her parents do not ever go through the justice system
  • The offender and the parents are not usually fined
  • The offender has a chance to directly work off his or her offense through some positive community action
  • The juvenile and his/her parents witness the care and concern of their community
  • Victims, parents, and police do not waste valuable time and money in a courtroom, sometimes never to be called upon for their input
  • The juvenile and parents have an opportunity to access additional resources within their community
  • The police have another tool to deal with minor first-time offenses
  • Community panel member are educated by the cases they hear and learn to understand the issues confronting local youth
  • Panels give residents a way to become more involved in their communities
  • The members of the panels will provide information and input into decisions of their community which involve all young people, not only those in trouble
  • Youth Aid Panels are customized to meet the needs of the community