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Fire Marshal

Robert Gliem, Fire Marshal
David Bennett Sr., Deputy Fire Marshal
Fire Marshal Forms The Fire Marshal shall serve the community in such fashion as to preserve and protect the general welfare of the Borough, and shall be dedicated to the welfare of persons and property within the Borough. Work involves taking command of all fire, rescue, hazmat or other emergency situations within the community. The Fire Marshal is responsible for the inspections of all buildings, other than single-family dwellings, to insure compliance with the Fire Prevention Code. Work also involves the investigation of all fire causes and providing assistance to the Code Enforcement Officer with inspections.

Work is performed in under the policies and standards established by the Borough Council with specific direction and reviewed by the Borough Manager.

Examples of Work

Liaison With Volunteer Fire Company:

  • Maintains close working relationship with Volunteer Fire Company
  • Keeps records and submits reports on fire and emergency responses by the Fire Department
  • Coordinates Fire Department training
  • Conducts fire prevention programs for community groups and public education programs
  • Immediately reports all In-the-line-of-duty injures of Fire Department personnel to Borough Officials


  • Investigates and determines cause of all fires; assists State Fire Marshals in cases of arson or fires of suspicious origin
  • Requests additional support from other agencies as necessary to gather facts and evidence to determine causes of origin of an incident
  • Notifies the Eddystone Police Department immediately when the facts and evidence of any incident suggests a crime may have been committed
  • Provides copies of incident reports/investigation to the proper authorities and/or other agencies, such as insurance companies that may need such information


  • Inspects commercial, institutional and multi-family structures for compliance with fire and safety codes; conducts follow-up inspections and issues citations when needed to obtain compliance
  • Assists the Code Enforcement Officer in performing building inspections; reviews building plans, subdivision and land development plans for compliance with fire prevention and fire deployment standards

Records & Evidence:

  • Keeps records of emergency and non-emergency incidents, as well as records of inspections and pre-plan surveys
  • Takes photographs or cause photographs to be taken if they could be helpful in an investigation or for training purposes
  • Collects evidence and turns such evidence over to the proper authorities being extremely careful to document the chain of evidence so that such evidence cannot be deemed tainted

Insurance Ratings:

  • Consults with insurance companies and the ISO office concerning the level of fire protection in the community

Desirable Knowledge, Skills, and Abilities

Thorough knowledge of the Borough Fire Code, fire hazards, causes and chemistry of fires, knowledge of safe construction practices, and practices designed to minimize fire risks.

Knowledge of state fire safety laws and regulations.

Ability to present fire prevention programs to diverse groups.

Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with persons contacted in the course of the work, often while under difficult or contentious circumstances.

Ability to convey concise and accurate explanations of ordinances, laws and regulations and the reasons therefore.

Desirable Training and Experience

Graduation from high school.

A resident of the Borough of Eddystone

Considerable experience as a command officer in the fire fighting services, supplemented by extensive training in the principles, and the techniques of fire prevention and inspection

Completion of the following training from an accredited institution:

  • Basic Fire Fighting or Fire I or The Essentials of Fire Fighting
  • Advanced Fire Fighting or Fire II or Structural Fire Fighting Evolutions
  • Basic Vehicle Rescue
  • Current Hazmat Operations Level Certification per OSHA 1910
  • Emergency Vehicle Drivers Course
  • At least 1 Fire Strategy & Tactics Course
  • At least 1 Arson/Fire Investigation Course
  • At least 2 Incident Command Training Classes

Fire Marshal Forms

Fire Marshal Application for Construction Form
Fire Marshal Inspection Form
Application to manufacture, handle, store, or keep for sale, explosives, hazardous chemicals and materials, flammable/combustible liquids and gases, and cryogenic liquids