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Residential Housing Codes

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Certificate of Occupancy

A Certificate of Occupancy is required whenever there is a change in ownership in a residential owner-occupied structure. In addition, an annual Certificate of Occupancy is required for each rental dwelling unit.

In order to assist property owners in preparing for a CO inspection, please complete the following items prior to calling for your walk-through:


  1. Scrape and re-paint all peeling, chipping, rusting and/or bare materials.
  2. All doors and windows must be in proper operating condition (open, close, good screens, no broken glass).
  3. Smoke alarms in all sleeping areas and one on each floor.
  4. Carbon Monoxide Detector – 15′ from sleeping area.
  5. All concrete and curbing should be in good repair.
  6. Any dead bolt lock must switch to thumb turn type.
  7. All steps with 3 or more risers must have a continuous graspable railing.
  8. 4″ contrasting house numbers on front and rear. Not on movable object.
  9. Anti-tip device on stove.
  10. All walls must be in good repair.
  11. All brick pointing must be in good repair.

Heating & Plumbing

  1. Heating certificate for any commercial or residential heating unit(s).
  2. All water heaters and boilers must have a relief valve discharge pipe installed 6″ from floor for safety.
  3. All piping that comes through walls, ceilings, cabinets, vanities must be sealed and escutcheons installed around piping.
  4. All tubs, showers, sinks, etc., must have strainer to protect from foreign objects from falling into plumbing systems.
  5. All abandoned appliances, heating/cooling equipment, oil tanks must be removed from any commercial or residential property.
  6. All plumbing must be in good repair. No leaks, etc.


  1. Passing underwriters inspection of panel.
  2. All breakers must be labeled.
  3. All outlets 6′ and closer to a water source all exterior outlets must be GFCI protected.
  4. All wiring must be to code. No open boxes exposed wiring, etc.
  5. All egresses must have lights.
  6. Light covers where needed.
  7. All rooms must have lights or (1) outlet controlled by a switch.
  8. All bathrooms / powder rooms must have (1) GFCI protected outlet.

This list is a guide containing the minimum inspection requirements.

A Use and Occupancy Certificate must be issued before occupancy can take place.

Certificate of Occupancy Request form

Contractor License and Registration

Residents are reminded that all contractors performing work within the Borough limits must registered and licensed by the Borough of Eddystone. Prior to signing a contract, it is good practice to ask the contractor for references, as well as check with the Code Enforcement office to confirm that the contractor has a license in good standing on file.

Contractor License and Registration form

Contractor License and Registration form – Fillable PDF Form

Rental Properties

A Residential Rental Operating License is required by any person or entity leasing property in the Borough. Prior to occupancy, the property owner is required to obtain a Certificate of Occupancy, as well as a Rental Tenant Notification Form. Prior to any new accountable tenant occupying a rental unit, the leaser shall complete a new Rental Property Tenant Notification form and have the dwelling inspected.

Residential Rental Operating License application

Rental Property Tenant Notification Form

Residential Work Permit

A Residential Work Permit must be obtained prior to performing the following type of work:

  • Building an additional level or extension of an existing dwelling
  • Replace or repair roof and gutter drainage systems
  • Building or replacing a deck
  • Installing replacement windows or doors
  • Kitchen or bathroom renovations
  • Repairing or replacing plumbing, electrical or HVAC components
  • Installation of a pool
  • Building a garage, carport or shed
  • Building or replacing a retaining wall
  • Driveway improvements
  • Installing fencing or screening
  • Replacing or repairing concrete curb, sidewalk and/or steps

Residential Work Permit Application form
UCC Plan Review Checklist
UCC Notice of Appeal Application
Zoning Appeal Application Form

Reporting an Unfit Dwelling or Illegal Occupancy

Please use the forms below to make an official complaint request for unfit dwelling conditions, environmental, health and safety issues, and/or illegal occupancy of a dwelling within the Borough of Eddystone. Examples of unfit dwellings include unfit structures, electrical hazards, plumbing hazards, unfit food, accumulations of rubbish, and pest control. Individuals may also report anonymously by partially completing either of these forms.

Unfit Dwelling Complaint form

Report of Illegal Occupancy form