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Delaware County Regional Water Quality Control Authority

Eddystone Borough is partnered with DELCORA for collection and treatment of our wastewater. Residents are annually charged a Sewer Fee which is heavily subsidized in your local government budget.

DELCORA has a long history environmental success in the operation of wastewater facilities. It also owns and operates three major pumping stations and force mains that transport wastewater to the Southwest Water Pollution Control Plant operated by Philadelphia and owns and operates the 50-million- gallons-a-day Western Regional Treatment Plant in Chester as well as the collection and conveyance systems servicing 13,865 units in Chester City, Upland, Parkside and Trainer Boroughs and a portion of Chester Township. The Authority operates systems in Eddystone, Marcus Hook, Folcroft Boroughs, Lower Chichester Township and also for the Southern Delaware County Authority.

DELCORA is staffed by full-time professional civil and chemical engineers and environmental scientists. Its workforce includes a complete maintenance staff and twenty-one Class A Wastewater Operations license holders. A Class A license is the highest license attainable. There are also 16 employees with the E-4 Collection System license. The Authority also has a fully staffed and DEP certified laboratory for water quality analysis.

Please do your part to keep our waterways clean and prevent combined sewer overflows.

  • Disconnect your downspout and/or basement sump pump from your sewer lateral
  • Keep grease, fats and oils out of your drains
  • Use environmentally friendly cleaning agents and cleansers
  • Properly dispose of hazardous waste
  • Dispose of prescription drugs and personal care products properly
  • Conserve your water usage
  • Remember – Clean water is everyone’s business

Additional Information

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